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[Producer’s Letter] Reflections on the Update, Future Adjustments, and Upcoming Emissary...

Discussion in 'Bless Online News' started by Bless Online News, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Greetings, players!

    The Assassin Update

    We hope you all have been enjoying the the Assassin Update that released earlier this week, as well as the discounts, giveaways, and in-game events going on to celebrate it! The team is excited that they were able to finally share the content for the update that they have been working so hard on.

    We know that the urgent maintenance that took place after the update inconvenienced many of you, and we apologize for that, though it was necessary for server stability. However, we would like to give you all a gift of 500 Lumena as compensation for the issues caused. Additionally, those with active Premium Membership buffs will receive a one hour extension on them; you can read about the compensation details here. The Bless team will continue to do their best to ensure server stability.

    We have been tracking numbers, and are happy that you all are enjoying Siege of Castra! The first siege was completely full, with hundreds of players in queue. As such, we are going to be expanding the number of channels for Siege of Castra so that even more players can enjoy it. In order to provide the best player experience for the number of participants, our developers are currently monitoring the situation in order to prepare for opening another channel.

    We also heard your feedback that you didn’t like runes/spirits breaking. As such, we plan to include an update in the near future so that runes/spirits no longer break in Peninsular War or Siege of Castra.

    We have also heard reports of some issues with the Assassin’s skills. We investigated this, and discovered that there was an issue with one of the Assassin’s skill tooltip translations. We did a minor patch last night to address the issue,and also fixed the bug where players were not able to select other members of their raid party in this patch. We are also continuing to monitor feedback regarding class balance, especially for the Assassin, and will take such feedback into account for the next overall class balance patch.


    Emissary Applications

    In the coming weeks, we will be reopening Emissary applications. We have been making some exciting changes to the program behind the scenes, and will look forward to welcoming new members to a refreshed, restructured experience. Keep an eye on our social channels:

    Discord [discord.gg]

    for more news on the next round of applications later this month, as they will only be open for a limited time! However, keep in mind that even if you aren’t selected for the next round, there will be future opportunities to join the program.


    That’s all for now, but we’ll have more news to share as we move towards launch!

    Always at your service,
    Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer

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