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Peter Olthof Chronicles of Elyria

Discussion in 'Acolyte Applications' started by Peter Olthof, Jun 11, 2018.


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  1. Peter Olthof

    Peter Olthof New Member

    What is the main game you are joining to play?
    Chronicles of Elyria

    Policy Questions

    Are you 18 years of age or older?

    Have you read and agree to our Acolyte Guidelines http://www.acolytesgaming.com/faq/what-are-the-acolytes-guidelines.9/ and our Acolyte Member Policy http://www.acolytesgaming.com/faq/acolyte-member-policy.18/ ?

    Other Information

    What is your Discord name? Please put name and number, ex FatGoatHieru#0693 Our Discord server is https://discordapp.com/invite/0YDGPHBUVS8EhO5t

    What is your in game Family/Character Name? If you are applying for a game that is not out yet just enter Undecided if you do not know.

    What Time Zone do you generally play in?

    What website did you find us on?

    What games are you looking forward to?

    Do you know any of our current members?

    If Yes, please tell us the their names.

    Please tell us a little bit about yourself in regards to gaming or RL.
    Hey so a bit about me I'm a 35, I live in Vancouver, Canada and I work in Banking.

    I have been playing PC games from about 8, I really like MMO but especially sandbox MMO's. Previously I have played WoW, Aeon, Star Wars: Galaxies, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Archage, Black Desert. I have been Following CoE only a short time now but love the idea and level of freedom that I have been missing since Star Wars: Galaxies.

    My Interests/goals that I will be striving towards in CoE is to achieve a High level Crafter (I'm liking any type of Weaponsmith and/or Armorsmith, Jeweler, Cartographer, Alchemist, Architect), I would also like to make a Combat character and Gatherer (or another crafter) too.

    If there is more your would like to know please don't hesitate to ask
  2. Peter Olthof

    Peter Olthof New Member

    Hey all,

    I know that the launch of CoE is far off still but was wondering what your plan would be joining in the Exposition Phase?

    If you will be building a settlement or just everyone with single land parcels?

    Will guild and/or villager tokens be required?
  3. FatGoat

    FatGoat Administrator Mod Council NSFW REV Officer Acolyte Legend ESO REV SC CU BDO Acolyte

    Hello Peter!
    With CoE being so far off, we really don't have a designated leader for this game at this time. If you are very passionate about this game and it is something you will want to stick with for the long haul and would be interested in heading up a guild for us in this game please let me know.

    I just want to be upfront with you, as at this time you and I believe two others that I know of in the community will be playing CoE at this time.

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