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Bless Online v1.1.0.0 Patch Note

Discussion in 'Bless Online News' started by Bless Online News, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    Bless Online v1.1.0.0 update

    [Additional contents]
    1. Added the field boss “Frost Specter Reonic”
      • It’s a boss monster for 20 person Raid party and appears randomly in one of the six neutral areas in an 18-hour cycle. (The field boss “Ancient Weapon” will appear on its own 18 hour cycle separate from the first field boss).
      * Target areas: Emerald Sea, Southern Peninsula, Cornus Valley, Cornus Mountains, Curia, Saltus
    2. Players can get one of Atnius Frost Jewelries at a low probability when attacking “Frost Specter Reonic.”
    [Modified contents]
    1. Modified the “Drysands Alliance Centurion” monster found in the Navarra Prairie area so it can’t be tamed.
    [Bug fixes]
    1. Fixed some translation errors.
    2. There was a bug that showed the tool tip text differently than the class skill’s effect in the actual game. Fixed this issue and matched the contents of the text with the actual applied effect.
    3. Fixed an issue that didn’t allow players to change stances when typing the “ ‘ “ signs on an English keyboard.
    4. Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the player to do the “Emblem 2” side quest if the player accepts the Emblem 2 quest while the Spirit window is open.
    5. Fixed an issue where the debuff effect obtained when battling a Cursed Ghost, found in the Navarra Graveyard area, has no duration time and is continuous.
    6. Fixed an issue where the number of Rose Stones appears to be increasing if a level 2 or above node for an enhanced regular skill’s enhancement section is clicked continuously.

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