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Acolytes Gaming

Greetings my fellow Acolytes! It is July and it is turning out to be a great summer for the Acolyte community. We have had some great updates within the community with announcing the branch lead's for Aion and Mortal Online which are sure to be awesome games within their own right's. Cach has always done an awesome job with our site and forums and has continued to do so time and time again with our forums. The work he does is definately under appreciated so next time you see him, just let him know that you appreciate the work that he put's forth in our community to make it what it is.

We do have a merchandise store setup currently and CafePress and it will probably change in the future. But, if you are dying to get some Acolyte gear from shirts to thongs you can find the link in the following thread http://forums.the-acolytes.com/showthread.php?t=2648 . I would also just like to take this time to remind everyone we do have a red Donate button on the top of our forums....
It is finally 2009 and this is only the beginning of another great year in Acolytes history. I am very pleased with the status of the guild over these years. In 2008 we took Age of Conan and Warhammer by storm and this year we are looking to take Aion by storm as well. Star Wars: Old Republic is still a ways away, but if we continue our Acolyte style we will be a force to be reckoned with there as well. I would just like to take this brief moment to remind members that if you or your friends think you can or would like to create a branch of the Acolytes in an MMO that already exists or one that will exist in the future please feel free to contact me and we will discuss the options and see what we can do.

With that being said everyone knows by now that our entire goal of the Acolytes was to create a friendly community of like minded people that loved to play MMO's and video games in general. We are always here to create bonds between people that we hope will last for years and...
Greetings Acolytes!
It is September and what a great time to be an Acolyte! We are only a few short days away from the launch of Warhammer Online and our Acolyte Branch is going to rock the world of WAR like no other! Within our AoC branch we are currently THE guild to beat on the Cimmeria server out in the dangerous lands of Kheshetta. Recently we have had 3-4 guilds work together to try and take on the Acolytes. After starting this guild years ago this is exactly where I was hoping we would be at this point. Cach is doing a wonderful job heading up the WAR branch as everyone within that branch knows.

I always wanted this to be a community of people that loved MMO's and we have really picked up some great down to earth people to enjoy these games with. Anyone getting on our Vent server will see this, we have people from both branches conversing all the time. With that being said I know that every member within our guild will not like every game that we support as time goes on....
Greetings fellow Acolytes! It is hard to believe that only 3 months have passed since the launch of AoC. It seems like it has been out for so much longer. There has been alot that has gone on within the Acolytes for those 3 months. We all know that it seems Funcom hasn't fully come through with what the initially promised. Just so you all know, I for one, will not be giving up on AoC and I am here to ride out the various bugs with PVE/PVP. This game has great potential and Funcom will deliver.

Enough about Funcom though. As you all have heard we are working hard on our new forums to make them a bit more manageable for AoC and WAR branch. I have purchased vBulliten and I owe all the hard work done on the forums themselves to Cach. You all will see very soon the great work he has done. We definately appreciate your patience in this transition period. Once the new forums are up we will ask for everyone to re-register on the new forums. The link will be the same, but we figured this...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!

It is April 15th which means launch is only 32 days away with the three day early launch on the 17th of May! It is still a bit too early to try and find out the server names that will be used by Funcom. I am hoping in next month's State of the Acolytes address I will be relaying the servername that we shall be on. These are going to be some exciting and fun times and together we all will achieve whatever we would like within game. As you all know, Drakus, Kurgan and Dagothar have decided to leave the guild to start their own guild and we of course wish them the best of luck. Drakus was gracious enough to hand over the reigns of our website and forums to me. We wish them all the best and our paths may possibly cross again in the future.

This month I would like to start off with a very well written account of what will more then likely happen in the coming months by our very esteemed Erudite Vonsarah.

"The following is just my opinion of what's to come...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!

It is March, which means there is only 2 months left until the release of Age of Conan. Which means the next few SotA address's will be covering game specifics like which server we will be on and what not. First off I would like to mention that it seems EBGames.com is selling pre-orders of AoC. With your pre-order Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, you will be able to participate in the 3-day Early Access Program. Early access period starts on May 17, 3 days before the commercial release on May 20, 2008. You may begin downloading the game client files and installing as early as May 14. With early access, there is a nominal fee of $5, which covers the cost of the download and includes 10 days of additional game time. Here is the link to the pre-orders at EBGames http://www.ebgames.com/product.asp?product_id=B646875A . They have a Collector's Edition and a regular edition of the game which I am sure all of you know already.

As you all are well...
Greetings Acolytes!

We are only 2 months into 2008 and it feels we have accomplished so much in such a short time. We are approaching the 2 year mark for our AoC branch and one month with our WAR branch! Just this past week we have voted on our official guild symbol/logo. Drakus did a great job creating it. All of the other submissions from our members we quite awesome as well! Now that we have an official logo feel free to start posting it on trains, buses, or people. The logo can be found here http://www.the-acolytes.com/forum/do...d=40&mode=view . You may wonder why I am writing two SotA addresses for February? From here forward I will write up the SotA address for the overall guild and the SotA for our AoC branch. You will then see Onyx crafting the SotA address for the WAR branch. Both can be found in their respective forums. When I mass mail these to our members the people that have AoC as their...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!

We are now at January 15th 2008! It is a new year and so many great things are going to happen with the Acolytes this year! It is crazy how time flies when you are having a good time! It also shows the dedication that our member base has towards the Acolytes as a whole! I do apologize now, this will be a pretty lengthy address!

We have reached another milestone in our short Acolytes history! We have been contemplating this decision for a very long time and have put alot of work into making this happen as easily as possible! The Acolytes are now a multi mmo gaming community! We take this very seriously and are not going to be joining every mmo under the sun. We want to uphold our respectful image that we have worked hard to get within the AoC community. As everyone knows the two major mmo's that will be releasing this 2008 is Age of Conan and Warhammer Online. So, we felt it was only natural to make our presence known in those two MMO's this year. We...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!!

Can you all believe that within the next few weeks it will be the year 2008??? I first of all would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays from the Acolytes! We all know what 2008 brings and that would be the next best mmo ever to grace this wonderful earth! Overall I feel very satisified with the direction of the guild and where we currently stand. In almost three short months we all shall grace the land of Hyboria with our presence. I feel very strong that when we all get in game the world of Hyboria will never be the same!

As always I will touch on a few things that I think are necessary for everyone to know about and things you may want to know about the future of the Acolytes. We are sitting in at 247 members and it seems that recruitment is still going strong. We of course will not know our true numbers until we are all actually in game. When we reach that point we will assess our status and determine if we will need to close recruitment...
Greetings fellow Acolytes!

It is November 15th and we are only 4 months away until the release of Age of Conan!! As you all know we have a great group of people here within the Acolytes and I feel safe to say that people have already developed friendships and the game has not even been released yet! With only 4 months until release the Erudites and I have been trying to fill out as many Enlightened roles that we possibly can at this time. We want to congratulate Rocc on being promoted to Erudite! We also want to congratulate Avery, Uthous, and Spydervenom on being promoted to Enlightened! Avery is our ~~Ambassador of the Acolytes~~. This role will serve as a primary contact for any guilds that would want to get in contact with or stay in contact with us via Alliance's or any other community situations. They will also keep in touch with guilds in our current alliance via their forums and/or in game. When we get in game we will probably add at least one more Ambassador. We may be...